Mountain Biking in Uzbekistan; Gazalkent, Uzbekistan by erik-peterson

After several months of planning to go riding, Quentin and Matt and I finally threw the bikes on Quentin’s Lada Niva (that was a fun experience…) and drove off into the countryside. We got lost a couple times trying to find a shortcut and put the Niva’s 4x capabilities to the test.

We finally found a trailhead and rode off into the dust. It was hot, we got lost more, we ran out of water, we got yelled at for trespassing (we *think* that’s what he was yelling anyways, we don’t speak Uzbek…) and to top it off I got 4 flat tires.

Our original plan to spend a maximum of 4 hours from leaving the house to returning home was a slight miscalculation. Our total time? just over 11 hours. Just another adventure in Uzbekistan

via Flickr


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