Arduino Dice Roller: Preliminary Planning

Dungeon Solvers

There’s a lot of awesome jobs and fields within the realm of Computer Engineering (my area of study for my undergrad). The one that really clicked with me however was writing code to control computer hardware. It started in a Data Communications class where we had to program these big beefy boards using a language called VHDL. Most of the class hated it and was bored, but it came naturally for me, and at the right time too! I was getting burnt out and was always struggling to learn the more in depth circuit designs we were getting into, but for once something came natural to me!

Anyways, after the class was finished I looked into what I could do with these new found skills, and found the hobby DIY electronics, primarily microcontrollers such as the Arduino. I haven’t done a ton of interesting or groundbreaking work since it’s…

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