Where do S.T.E.M. Majors Want to Work?

The world is advancing by leaps and bounds when it comes to technology and fields that require engineering and math degrees. The STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) are the cornerstone of progress when it comes to economies and the human race as a whole. When it comes to the top graduates in fields like applied mathematics and computer engineering, the competition to hire them can be brutal. Many companies get these top graduates based on reputation and the products they offer, regardless of the actual working conditions. Companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are just a few names amongst the numerous tech companies fighting for the best of the best.

A new survey to recent STEM graduates went out to over 19,000 students across over 340 universities around the world and asked them where they hoped to work when they graduated. The results that came back really shouldn’t be all that surprising when you think about who the most popular and successful tech companies in the world currently are. Google obviously came in at number one but it was quickly followed by Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, in descending order. When you look at the names listed, it’s no surprise that these are the companies that are currently pushing the envelope when it comes to technology and commerce.

The survey was also split between male and female STEM students and also by the actual majors involved, as well as the school the student was currently attending. This means that while Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon are the most popular overall, computer science majors are looking to work at different companies in a different order (not to say that those companies aren’t amongst the most popular for computer science students). So what does this all mean? It means that the companies that are most likely to receive the best of the best are the ones that everyone is already expecting. Companies like Google and Facebook aren’t going to go anywhere soon and they’re only going to increase in size.

If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

from Yaser Khalifa and Evolutionary Algorithms http://ift.tt/1Nt0RR8


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