Death Road Survival 101


There’s a gentle little stretch of road weaving its way from La Paz to Coroico, Bolivia, negotiating a 3500m descent from snow-capped mountain ridges, over 61 kilometres, to the humid Bolivian rainforest. It’s called the North Yungas road, and up until 15 years ago it was the only thoroughfare between the two cities.

Normally one road would suffice. There’s only one road between say Jamestown and Wirrabara, and we get by just fine. But this is Bolivia. And when they build roads, there seems to be a heavy mist of ‘that’ll do’ for these projects. I imagine construction went something along the lines of;

‘Greg, what about that 600m vertical drop there?’


‘Did we want, like, a guardrail or something?’

‘What for?’

‘To stop people, you know, falling and shit

‘People won’t have to drive off the cliff when they’ve got a road’

‘Too easy, and how…

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