Electrical Engineering Could Lead to better Wireless Signals

We live in a world that would literally be unrecognizable to people from only 50 years ago. The technology that we have at our fingertips used to be beyond comprehension and without it, there’s no denying that the world as we know would crumble to a half and end. And yet, even with all of the access we have to millennia of human knowledge and experience, people are still running into issues when it comes to wireless technology and wireless signals. As most people know, the internet is still slow and gadgets that are supposedly wireless frequently don’t work as advertised or simply not at all. However, there is good news!wireless technology signal

It turns out that some of the research and work being done by electrical engineers very well may end up impacting wireless connections as we know them, vastly improving on both the current design and reliability. Dr. Aria Nosratinia, an electrical engineering professor at UT Dallas, is currently researching and working on ways to improve the wireless connections that have become so important in our lives. As both a sign of support and a sign of just how important this research is becoming, the National Science Foundation has awarded him 3 grants that end up totalling over $2 million this fall. With some of the grants going towards collaborative efforts with other universities and professors, everyone involved has high hopes for the outcome.

The main goal of the studies and grant money is to find a way to deal with wireless interference — the sort that leads to dropped calls, poor wireless reception, and electronics that don’t work as well as we would hope. One way to get around interference that’s being looked into is breaking wireless messages into microstreams so that they would be able to go through other signals instead of bouncing against them. Other techniques being researched have to do with manipulating coherence intervals and the discovery of new dimensions within communications over multi-user wireless channels that will allow for the development of new tools that will enhance wireless capabilities. While research is still being done and nothing is certain yet, this most definitely speaks well for the wireless future.

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