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A beautiful day mountain biking

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Nazi-Code Breaker Alan Turing’s Notebook Goes to Auction by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


A handwritten notebook by Alan Turing is going on the auction block. The Nazi code-breaking genius is depicted by Benedict Cumberbatch in the Oscar-nominated “The Imitation Game.”

Published: January 21, 2015 at 04:13AM

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In Gaza, an IT Company Has Google-Sized Aspirations by REUTERS


His company may not rival Google or German software maker SAP yet, but Gaza-based IT entrepreneur Saady Lozon has plans to change that.

Published: January 21, 2015 at 02:08AM

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France Arrests Chechen Terrorists

The Charlie Hebdo attacks shocked the world and showed that Muslim terrorists were adapting new tactics in the face of heightened security on standard targets. The commando-style attack on the magazine office shows that terrorists and extremists might start shifting towards attacks on soft targets as opposed to the standard hard targets of airports, government buildings, and public locations. The heightened security at these places has made attacks more difficult and so terrorists are changing focus. To counter that from happening, France (and much of Europe) have drastically increased anti-terrorist efforts and surveillance and it has been paying off already. Belgium has arrested a number of terrorist suspects (as well as killing two in a firefight), some of whom were planning on attacking police, and now France has caught some too.

After the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo office, France deployed 15,000 extra police troops to help the existing police and gendarmerie patrol the streets and make sure high-value public buildings and institutions that might be seen as targets had bolstered security. The country also started to monitor anti-terrorism channels with extra vigilance and it seems as though that extra scrutiny has paid off. French police have arrested and detained 5 men from Chechnya who are suspected of possessing explosives and planning a terrorist attack on French soil. Chechnya has a history of Muslim extremism and terrorism due to a constant struggle for independence from Russia and a heavily Muslim population that feels isolated and ignored by the Russian government.

While the French government says that there should be no rushing to judgement and that there’s no proof of a Chechen terrorist attempt on French soil, people are still wary. The region has had massive protests against Charlie Hebdo and its showing of the Prophet Muhammad and so there is validity to the threat of terrorism. Either way, France is showing that it is taking terrorist threats much more seriously than before and hopefully nothing like Charlie Hebdo happens again.

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5 Biking Destinations for Your Bucket List

As anyone who has gone mountain biking before knows, it can be incredibly difficult just choosing where you want to go and what types of nature you want to revel in. With options ranging from your standard wood and mountains trails to beaches and everything in between, choosing where you’re going to bike can be just as important as making sure that you have all the necessary equipment. With that in mind, Red Bull has done a huge favor and selected 5 amazing places to go on your next biking trip.

  1. New Zealand: New Zealand should be a no-brainer when it comes to mountain biking opportunities. As everyone knows (because let’s be honest; everyone has seen the Lord of the Rings movies), the entire country seems to be made of the most gorgeous mountains overlooking amazing plains and viewscapes. As if that weren’t enough, the fact that all of the pros training for the UCI world cup use it as a training ground should be enough to convince you that the land of the kiwi has more to offer than just fruit and strange little birds.
  2. Canada: Along with being easy to get to from the United States, Canada offers so much to the mountain biker in search of a great ride. While Retallack is known for it’s fantastic cross-country skiing, it is also quickly becoming a mountain biking hotspot. The region is full of old mining hills and slopes that are just perfect for freestyling your way down the mountain. Just be careful!
  3. Wales:¬†First off, Wales has a ton of amazing man-made trails and biking spots including Bike Park Wales (one of the UK’s best biking destinations). But other than all that is man-made, the country is also home to hundreds of back mountain trails that just require asking the locals about. It also has an amazing bike culture.
  4. Norway: Norway is the land of the fjords and it’s known throughout the world as having some of the most beautiful natural vistas in the world. The Hafjell Bike Park just adds to how perfect a country it is for mountain biking.
  5. Finale Ligure: This little region is in Liguria, Italy and is part of the Italian Riviera. It’s also one of the most gorgeous places in the world and defies explanation. It’s simply divine for biking.

Hopefully these will help inspire your next biking trip. Be safe out there. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

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